Only NatCHeryl Body Cremes

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                              Our Promise to You...

                        Only NatCHeryl Products Contain

                                              NO Phthalates or BPA

                                                         •NO Petroleum-based Products

                                                         •NO Synthetic Fragrances

                                                         •NO Synthetic Colors

           •NO Bad Stuff!!



        The Story Behind Only NatCHeryl Body Cremes

I first started making lotion about 10 years ago after my son was born with a hormone-related birth defect. After researching the possible causes, I discovered one of the contributing factors could have been exposure to BPA and Phthalates, common hormone disrupters that are found in products used daily in many households. Phthalates (pronounced THALates) are plastic softeners that are used in most plastics to make them moldable. That new car smell that we all love: Phthalates. It’s even used in air fresheners because it binds to fragrance and makes it last longer. If you see the word ‘fragrance’ in your personal care products, chances are those also include Phthalates. 

BPA (Bisphenol A) has recently been banned from use in baby bottles and is also found in the lining of canned food and used to make many plastics. 

Why are they so bad? Our bodies see them as estrogen mimickers. Many studies are currently being conducted on these harmful chemicals and many countries in the E.U. have banned these substances from many products. Meanwhile, in this country, the incidents of hormone-related birth defects, like undescended testicles and hypospadias, and hormone-related problems like low sperm count and the increase in breast cancer in both men and women continue to rise and in some cases have doubled in our lifetime.

I started making these products to reduce my family’s exposure to harmful chemicals. I started selling them so you could do the same for the people you love (including you!)

Thank you for shopping with us!