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Organic Travel Size Deodorant with Essential Oil .75 oz.

Wow! Super fast delivery + a great product. I'm very sensitive to smelling and hate when deodorants mask it. This deodorant left me fresh! So surprised! Great price, fast delivery, and awesome product. Thank you!

Organic Deodorant with Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil 2 oz.

This is the best deodorant I've ever used in all my 23 years of living. I sweat a LOT under my arms and I refuse to get that toxic clinical strength mess from the local pharmacies. Some of us sweat a bit more than others, and I've learned that it's okay! But I just need something that will keep me from being smelly when the floodgates of my pitts decide to open, and this product is THE BEST!!! I love it!!!
Cheryl also has a note on the deodorant instructing users to keep it at room temperature, so I store my deodorant in the warmest room of my house (my bathroom) so that at room temperature, application is the easiest/smoothest! 

Organic Lip Balms

My absolute favorite go to shop for lip balm! Smells great and works better than any other organic kind!

Organic Mint Mojito Body Lotion 4 oz.

I have tried a number of organic body lotions and this is the best. It's richer and keeps my skin moister longer.

Seriously Dry Skin Balm made with Organic Oils, 2 oz.

This seriously works for my seriously dry winter skin. I love that the ingredients are all organic and good for you, your skin, and for the world. Thank you!

Organic Lip Balms

I received my vanilla lip balm in the mail a few days ago and all I can say is that it is truly a life saver. I'm currently on a medication that makes my skin and lips very dry and chapped and I could never find the perfect lip balm, but now I have. I will definitely be purchasing items from this shop again in the near future. also, the brochure that came w/ my lip balm explaining the reason for cheryl making her products is truly inspiring. thank you xx

Peppermint Bath Salts with Essential Oils 8 oz.

Bought these for stocking stuffers but saved one for myself. Great organic products and fabulous customer service!! Will be ordering again :)

Organic Vapor Chest Rub, 2 oz.

I ordered this product for my significant other. he has really bad lungs and has issues with painful coughs and difficult breathing. it leaves a nice, light scent on the skin, it's not too oily or gross feeling, and it opens up the airways. Plus it's organic. Great in my book, thanks so much!

Organic Sugar Scrubs Scented with Essential Oils (Vegan)

Great smelling and very effective. My skin is so much softer and it looks great! Thank you!!

Organic Vanilla Lip Balm

Very nice balm and it shipped so quickly. Thanks so much, Cheryl!

Sweet Orange Organic Body Lotion with Essential Oils 4 oz.

The Sweet Orange Organic Body Lotion with Essential Oils is WONDERFUL! It arrived very quickly. From 1-10 I would give a review of 10+

Organic Lip Balm and Organic Seriously Dry Skin Balm in a Winter Rescue Bag

Awesome lip balm and the dry skin balm will come in handy this winter for sure! Fast shipping too!!

Organic Lip Balm and Organic Seriously Dry Skin Balm in a Winter Rescue Bag

Amazing product! Fast shipping ! Best customer service!!

Organic Coconut Body Lotion 8 oz.

I LOVE this coconut unscented lotion. I have been using it on my face too, and it feels amazing. Very light, would be be great for sensitive skin! I will absolutely be back for more!

Sweet Orange Organic Body Lotion with Essential Oils 8 oz.

This is seriously the best lotion I have ever used. I love that it's all natural and that there is no mysterious junk in it!

Organic Mint Mojito Body Lotion 8 oz.

This was a gift for my mother, who is a snowbird and spends her winters in FL and summers in NY. She couldn't stop exclaiming how soft this lotion made her skin and begging others to feel it :o) The mint mojito scent is perfect for relaxing on the beach with her "girls" while she is in warmer climates. Both her and I will definitely be back to try more! Thank you!

Organic Deodorant with Lavender Essential Oil 2 oz.

Having tried several different deodorants recently (early menopause means I have to often change up my deodorant. Dang hormones!) this one is by far the best for my pits. I do find that the formula is crumbly in the stick -- seems to be a trait of these types of deodorants -- so I apply with my fingers. Works very, very well, smells great, leaves no sticky feeling and no marks on clothing. A little seems to go a long way, as well. Great product!

Organic Body Lotion with Lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Orange or Peppermint Essential Oils 8 oz.

Thank you for making such high quality and great smelling products. It's so great to have a natural alternative to mass produced beauty products.

Had enough?  Well, here's what our local customers had to say:

Karen P. - 
I am writing to let you know how much I love your deodorant product (I discovered it at Pearl's Market). I have tried many all-natural deodorants, and there is only one other that even comes close to how effective and completely natural yours is. I only have to put it on in the morning, and it lasts all day–even through hard exercise. I love the fact that I know what every single ingredient in it is, and that the ingredient list is so short.


Marj B. - 
I purchased your homemade deodorant at the festival in Downingtown a few weeks ago . You swore to me it worked and I was skeptical, but I'm happy to say I love it. I had a little chaffing the first couple of days but that was remedied by a little powder after applied and it's been great ever since. I'm hooked! Thank you for such a great product. I sing your praises to whoever will listen, and you have a buyer for life.


Shawn C. - 
I bought some rosemary deodorant and lime body lotion from you at the Central Presbyterian Church a few weeks ago, and wanted to tell you how much I love them! The deodorant works better than the salt crystal thing, and has such a nice scent.


Madison - 
I loved [your deodorant]! I tried it before I gave it to my mom for her birthday, and she loves it too. She says it works better than Tom's! :)


Carol H. - 
I bought a lavender deodorant stick from you when you were at the Good Sam's fair this past June. I love it, and I would like to buy more.


Claudia H. -
I met you at the Good Samaritan Fair this past summer. I bought some of your products and loved them! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful natural creams with me.


Helen S. - 
I received these products as a gift & I am soooooo grateful! The Sweet Orange lip balm is very soothing, repairs cracked lips & keeps them smooth. The best however was yet to come! My fingertips get very dry & split & crack in the winter, every winter…forever. I began using the Rosemary Essential Oil Body Lotion & after about a week my fingertips were healed, haven’t cracked again & my hands are soft as can be. I will use this for the rest of my life. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful products.


Meredith S. - 
I bought some of your stuff at Maysie's Farm Fest and just found your business card. Your lotion is wonderful! I'll spread the word! :)

Thank you for shopping with us!