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  • Organic Lip Balm with Essential Oils


    You won't believe how good these lip balms are!

    They're very light and leave a beautiful glossy shine but have amazing staying power. But you don't have to take our word for it...check out the testimonials.  People just love them!

    These come in six wonderful scents:


    - made with organic peppermint essential oil and organic olive oil.  It's refreshing and gives a light tingle to your lips.
    Sweet Orange
    - made with organic sweet orange essential oil and organic safflower oil.  It smells so yummy, your lips and your nose will be happy all day long!
    Rosemary Bergamot
    - made with rosemary and bergamot essential oils and organic olive oil. It has a light herbal scent and it's good for you, too!
    - made with clove essential oils and organic olive oil.  It has a warm, sweet and aromatic scent.
    Mint Mojito
    - made with mint, lime and coconut oil. It smells so yummy, it's like a party in a tube.
    - made with vanilla essential oil and organic olive oil.  It has a wonderful yummy scent.


    Organic Olive, Coconut or Safflower Oil, Organic Beeswax, Essential Oils, Vitamin E (preservative.)


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